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_aGil, Avi.
245 1 0 _aShimon peres :
_ban insider's account of the man and the struggle for a New Middle East /
_cAvi Gil ; translated from Hebrew by Eylon Levy.
250 _aFirst edition.
260 _aLondon, UK :
_bI.B. Tauris,
300 _a252 p. :
_bill. ;
_c23 cm.
520 _a"The late Israeli Foreign Minister, Prime Minister and President Shimon Peres was a towering figure in Israeli and Middle Eastern politics. But what drove the hawkish statesman behind Israel's nuclear deterrence and early settlement policy to stake his political reputation on peace negotiations with the Arab world and the PLO, Israel's sworn enemy? In this insider's account, written by Avi Gil, Peres's close confidant over almost 30 years, we witness firsthand the tense moments during the historic Oslo talks, kept under the strictest secrecy, when the explosive revelation that Peres was directing direct communications with Yasser Arafat's representatives for the first time threatened to leak to the press. We also see the fervent discussions and arguments between the personalities involved in the peace process, including Peres's rivalries with the Prime Ministers he served under, including Rabin, Sharon and Netanyahu."
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_aPeres, Shimon,
650 0 _950114
_aArab-Israeli conflict.
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_xPolitics and government
_y20th century.
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_aLevy, Eylon.
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